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A Story of Sun, Sand, and Silver Screens


The sun beat down on the ancient cobblestone streets of Seville, Spain.

seville streets cobblestone sun flowers

Photo: J. A. Alcaide

Josemaría, a young and ambitious producer, navigated the bustling throng of tourists, his mind a whirlwind of location possibilities. In his hand, a script for a captivating TV series, and in his heart, a dream: to bring it to life on the vibrant canvas of Spain.

Josemaría’s journey wasn’t just about finding breathtaking landscapes, though Spain had plenty of those – snow-capped peaks, sun-drenched beaches, and historical landmarks whispering tales of centuries past. It was about finding the right partners, the production service companies that could turn his vision into reality.


In Barcelona, he met Diego,

Sagrada Familia, church, Cathedral in Barcelona Spain

Photo: Carlos Canaan

a seasoned veteran with a twinkle in his eye and a rolodex full of contacts. He understood his need for efficiency, his desire to find hidden gems, and his concern for budget. He introduced him to a network of casting agencies, equipment rentals, and permit specialists, each one a piece of the puzzle.

Days turned into weeks as Josemaría explored the possibilities. he marveled at the meticulous craftsmanship of prop makers in Madrid, their hands breathing life into the script’s fantastical objects. In Valencia, he discovered a team of passionate cinematographers, their lenses capturing the magic of Spain’s golden light.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and paella. There were language barriers to overcome, cultural nuances to navigate, and unexpected logistical hurdles. It was Vista‘s guidance and the team’s unwavering support that kept him afloat. They navigated permits through labyrinthine bureaucracy, secured access to restricted locations, and even found a hidden gem – a forgotten castle perfect for a key scene.

With each challenge, the story grew stronger, not just on paper, but in the bonds forged between Josemaría and the Vista Productions team. They weren’t just a team; they were a family, united by a shared passion for storytelling.


Finally, the day arrived. Cameras rolled, actors delivered their lines, and the magic unfolded. The Spanish sun, the vibrant colors, the soulful music – it all came together, infused with the spirit of collaboration and resilience.

Action scene shooting in Barcelona Spain

Action Scene. Photo: Diego Cirera

As the final scene was shot, Josemaría knew this wasn’t just the end of a production, but the beginning of something bigger. It was a testament to the power of Spain’s diverse landscapes, its skilled professionals, and its collaborative spirit. It was a story not just on screen, but of the magic that unfolds when dreams meet the sun-drenched shores of Spain.